Do You Have Items To Sell?


Full or part House Clearances are available, we then sell the items in our Fortnightly Auctions to buyers across the world.  


No upfront payments and the best prices for your goods!


We can provide valuations of house contents, including fine art, paintings, stamps, coin and book collections, toys, militaria, antiques and furniture, classic and veteran cars for the purposes of probate, insurance and divorce settlement. 


After such appraisals, we will provide a detailed and itemised “Written Valuation”, prepared in accordance with S. 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984), and HM Revenue and Customs guidelines. 


We are able to advise our clients of the ways in which we can assist with clearance, sales, disposals and dispersal of bequeathed items with our own dedicated and fully insured transport teams. Our approach and advice can help to maximise sale proceeds, (and client satisfaction) which, of course is in the best interest of the estate and beneficiaries.


We do our utmost to provide highly professional support, the highest level of expertise and service with integrity, empathy and discretion.


Written reports can be provided for the purposes of Probate, Insurance & Divorce settlement.


We also offer sale by Private Treaty, a useful option for those estates which may need the cash injection to cover costs such as IHT or maintenance, or where the estate has one executor / beneficiary. All of our written valuations now come with a letter of conditional offer of purchase. The offer also includes the costs involved including collection and clearance.


Our Written Valuation Service starts at a competitive price of £175+VAT for a standard estate. Our valuer will visit the property and provide a detailed, thorough valuation (excluding the value of the property itself) in which you will also receive a full, written, itemised valuation for the purpose of Probate.


Whilst our valuations comply with all the requirements of a formal probate application, they can also be useful for the division of an estate amongst beneficiaries. We are in an ideal position to provide current values in that we sell over 2000 items every fortnight through our Auctions, including specialised sales and mixed antique sales. The values we use are those values that we would expect the items to achieve at auction. If executors or beneficiaries wish to sell all or some of the valued items through our sales, we are more than happy to oblige. We are also licensed waste carriers.

If you wish to take advantage of our service, or you wish to discuss your situation with us, please call us on 01925 658833.